The friendly team at Koha for Schools offers a range of professional services to get you going with Koha. Here are some you may need.

Data loading

The team at Koha for Schools has extensive experience in preparing data from legacy systems for import to Koha. Our commitment is to deliver the highest possible quality of records in Koha as can be achieved from the source data.

We can import bibliographic and authority files from SCIS or Libraries Australia or that have been exported from your current system. Not all systems can export MARC records and we have extensive experience converting files from csv (spreadsheet) or xml to MARC. Embedded holdings (items) records will need conversion to the format expected by Koha.

From many systems, it is also possible to export data for current loans, past loans (reading history), reserves and outstanding fines. Generally, these data can also be prepared and imported to Koha.

Koha offers several ways to populate the ‘borrowers’ table with the records of your staff and students. In addition to Koha’s page for capture of a single borrower’s details, bulk csv data can be loaded from a spreadsheet template that you download from Koha itself. Koha can also be integrated with a directory (using the LDAP protocol) and records created or updated from the directory. Librarians’ permissions are generally set from the web interface following import of the relevant records.

For many of these services our experience enables us to offer a fixed price, giving you certainty of your costs in making the transition. For some other services (importing outstanding fines, for example) we would need to examine the source data before we commit.



Koha returns control over the library system to librarians. Whether your library is staffed by a sole librarian or a diverse team, you’ll want to ensure your people have the skills and confidence to derive the maximum value from your investment in Koha.

Koha for Schools is your ideal partner for Koha training. Working with Koha since 2003, we have an indepth understanding of both structure and function and can effectively tailor course delivery to the circumstances and budget of your library. Our trainers are qualified librarians.

We offer a comprehensive ‘Introduction to Koha’ course that is customisable to your needs and circumstances. We also offer specialised short courses for new staff members or to focus on particular modules of Koha, such as cataloguing, circulation or serials management.

For all our courses, training notes are provided and are supplemented by web resources including videos, articles and examples.


Integration Services

Because Koha is built entirely as open source software and implements open standards throughout, it readily interoperates with other systems.

Standards native to Koha include MARC21, Z39.50, SRU, SIP2, ILS-DI, OAI-PMH, SAML and LDAP.

Koha is pre-prepared for integration with third party content providers such as Overdrive, Syndetics, Amazon and Library Thing. Koha offers various options for authentication including via a directory or with Google services. Koha supports the SIP2 protocol (with no extra license fee) and so provides for integration with equipment from suppliers such as 3M, FE Technologies and others.

Consult us for advice on self checkout, single sign on and integration with your learning management system.



With Koha for Schools, your Koha instance is backed by a team of library and information professionals. Our friendly team is dedicated to providing you with a continuous, satisfying service that supports your teaching objectives. The help available is described on our support page.

Support does not include new configuration or rectification of problems arising from an act or omission of the customer (including a failure to comply with any documentation or instructions provided or made available by Koha for Schools) or any unauthorised access to Koha by any person. However we do provide chargeable consulting services that aim to quickly rectify any problems you may experience.


Consulting Services

A wide range of additional services, from bulk data changes or complex reporting requirements to new software development are available at our hourly rates. Contact us to discuss your needs.