About Integration

About integration of Koha with other services

Increasingly libraries seek integration of their library management system with other services from content aggregators and security equipment distributors or other software applications through single sign-on.

Because Koha is built entirely as open source software and implements open standards throughout, it readily interoperates with other systems. Standards native to Koha include MARC21, Z39.50, SRU, SIP2, ILS-DI, OAI-PMH and LDAP.


Content Providers

Koha comes pre-configured for interaction with a range of third party content providers:

  • Overdrive e-books;
  • Library Thing;
  • Syndetics;
  • Baker and Taylor;
  • Amazon;
  • Novelist Select;
  • IDreamLibraries.
  • Coming soon: Clickview, Wheelers/ePlatform, Bolinda.



Provide single password access to Koha and your learning and student management systems by adopting one of several protocols:

  • SAML;
  • LDAP;
  • Active Directory;
  • CAS;
  • Google Oauth2.


Security and Self Service Equipment:

  • FE Technologies;
  • Biblioteca / 3M;
  • any supplier adhering to the SIP2 protocol.


Contact us if you have any specific integration requirements.