Koha for Schools upgraded to version 17.05.06

All Koha for Schools clients have been upgraded to Koha version 17.05.06. The upgrade was performed overnight on Wednesday 13 December 2017.

Major new features in Koha 17.05 include:

  • a new ‘Article Requests’ module (bug 14610);
  • a new ‘Patron Clubs’ feature (bug 12461);
  • a new ‘Patron Notes’ feature in the OPAC (bug 14224);
  • an improvement regarding Reservations (holds) whereby patrons can be prevented from requesting pick up from a branch where the item is available on the shelf (bug 17453);
  • creation of a pathway to metadata schema independence: presently the metadata schema supported by Koha is MARC; in future (with further specific development) it would be possible to ingest and create records using other schemas, for example Dublin Core, METS, MODS, RDF or any new schema. Until now Koha stored metadata in the biblioitems table (biblioitems.marcxml). With bug 17196, it is moved to a new table biblio_metadata.

For more information about Koha 17.05, read the release notes or contact Koha for Schools.