Single Sign-on Implemented for St Luke’s Grammar School

The Koha library system in use at Sydney’s St Luke’s Grammar School has now been integrated with the school’s SAML-based Single Sign-on system.

Now, St Luke’s students who access any of the school’s core IT applications are automatically logged in to other applications that they visit during the same session. For example, a student who logs in to the Learning Management System, then visits the Koha library catalogue, is automatically and instantly logged in to the library management system.

The full power of Koha is available to logged in users. Whilst users who are not logged in can search the catalogue and export citations, many more features are available to users who are logged in. They can renew their loans, place reservations on items, view their borrowing history, make lists from their search results, make purchase suggestions or add a reader’s review to a title. Having students log in is key to maximising their interaction with the school catalogue.

However a barrier exists where-ever students are required to remember separate credentials to access a given system. Koha supports other methods for single sign-in including Google’s Oauth2 and CAS. LDAP based systems such as Microsoft’s Active Directory enable one set of credentials to be used across multiple applications but do not automatically complete login to each application, that is, students must log in to each application they access, albeit with the same common set of credentials.

SAML is a protocol that enables seemless single sign-on between multiple applications. It works by transferring a user’s identity from one place (the identity provider) to other places (the applications the student will use). At the core of the system is an identity provider (IDP) who provides a certificate on demand to each application the user visits. As the users identity is known to the IDP, there is no need for the user to prove their identity at each application they visit.

St Luke’s uses Studentnet for the provision of IDP services. Adding Koha to St Luke’s single sign-on application suite was a straightforward matter of configuration and testing, involving collaboration between systems professionals at St Luke’s, Koha for Schools and Studentnet.

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