Koha Upgraded to version 16.11.07

All Koha for Schools clients have been upgraded to Koha version 16.11.07. The upgrade was performed overnight on Thursday 18 May 2017.

Major new features in Koha 16.11 include:

– an Article Requests module;
– allow a Patron to Place Multiple Reserves on a Record (e.g. reserve more than one issue of a journal or magazine);
– Housebound Readers module;
– new Patron Quick Add form.

For more information about Koha 16.11, read the release notes or contact Koha for Schools.

Why is Koha for Schools upgraded frequently?

In software terms, Koha is a large and dynamic project, assessed to represent 202 years of effort. The development team is truly world wide. You can watch the development of Koha in real time on the project’s dashboard.

The Koha project has a major feature release twice per year, in May and November. Every other month there is a maintenance release and from time to time there are additional security releases. Koha for Schools policy is to upgrade the software at least twice per year, for each major feature release and for any and all security releases. Generally, we wait five months or so before choosing the version to which we upgrade. The present upgrade is to 16.11.07, the seventh maintenance release within the 16.11 version. In this way we provide users with timely access to the latest features and improvements, whilst ensuring that Koha for Schools software is always robust and reliable.

In summary, frequent upgrades provide:
– timely application of security patches;
– prompt resolution of software errors;
– user access to the latest features and enhancements; and
– avoidance of costs arising from ‘large’ upgrades across multiple versions of the software,
all whist providing a stable and reliable operating environment for school libraries and their communities.