Koha for Schools upgraded for Koha 16.05.09 Security Release

The Koha Development Team have announced a security release for currently supported versions of Koha. Consequently Koha for Schools clients were upgraded to Koha version 16.05.09 overnight on Wednesday 1 February 2017.

No changes to Koha functionality have been effected by this upgrade. Patches have been applied to remove some security vulnerabilities. Read the Release Notes here.

Why do security releases occur?

Security is one of the most important issues that cloud computing providers deal with. A range of measures are implemented to maximise the likelihood that servers and applications are free of vulnerabilities. Upgrades to operating system packages are applied regularly and frequently. Firewall rules are actively maintained. Similarly, application software, including Koha, is frequently changing and must be kept up to date. Often problems are fixed before they become publicly known.

The Koha development team is constantly alert to the risk of exploitation through the application. If a vulnerability is detected a patch is developed quickly and a release is prepared. Koha for Schools policy is to apply these releases immediately they become available.

Often cloud services provide a more up to date security environment than in-house systems. Where-ever the server is located, the entire environment requires careful and continuous planning and management. Learn more about Koha for Schools hosting service here.