Koha Security Upgrade applied to Koha for Schools

All Koha for Schools clients are now running Koha version 3.22.10. A Koha security upgrade was provided overnight on 1 September 2016.

The developers of Koha are continuously working to ensure the software is as secure as possible.  Koha 3.22.10 is a Security Release of Koha which provides patches for one potential of a privacy breach and several cross scripting vulnerabilities.  Read the Release Notes here.

Koha for Schools will always apply security releases of Koha as soon as possible following their release.

More generally, our upgrade policy is that we run approximately 6 months behind the head of the project. In this way we ensure that schools receive frequent updates to the latest features and improvements, whilst ensuring the software we provide is stable and robust. The Koha project has two major feature releases every year, in May and November.  Every other month there is a maintenance release.  Koha for Schools allows each major feature release to mature through at least several maintenance releases before applying an upgrade.  Upgrades generally have no impact on users.  New features are controlled by system preferences and can be turned on if and when each library wishes to use the feature.

Contact us with any questions about the deployment of your Koha for Schools product.