Introducing Koha for Schools

What is Koha?

Koha is the world’s most widely installed library management system. National, academic, school, public and special libraries on every continent use Koha.* Koha supports almost any workflow due to an extensive array of system preferences. Therefore it will scale, from the smallest private collections to the very largest libraries. For example, Koha runs the entire public library system of Turkey with over 12 million items in a single Koha instance. That’s flexibility! Koha is free and open source software, developed and maintained by a world-wide community of librarians and information technology professionals. The project’s values of collaboration and learning align with those of the school’s sector.

What is Koha for Schools?

Koha for Schools is a standard configuration of Koha hosted in the cloud. Australia’s longest established Koha support company, Calyx, provides the hosting and support for Koha for Schools. Our team has pre-configured Koha in a manner typically useful for Australian schools. Your Koha will work ‘out of the box’ on the day it is deployed, however you are able to further refine the configuration if you wish.

How will Koha for Schools benefit our library?

In launching Koha for Schools, Calyx’ CEO Irma Birchall said, “We’ve been involved in the Koha project since 2003. Koha just keeps on getting better and better. And we grow more and more excited by the opportunity it provides to libraries. We’ve known for some time there is a need in the school’s sector for a modern, fully featured ILS that is flexible, robust, integrates readily with other systems and technologies and is easy to use. This configuration of Koha and this package of services will enable Australian schools to gain the power of Koha at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. We’re genuinely excited to make it available.”

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* Australian Bureau of Meteorology scientists in Antarctica access the Bureau’s Koha library in Melbourne via their virtual private network. So yes, Koha is used on every continent on the planet. Awesome!